Issue 2, 2019

ISSN 2686-9276
ISBN 978-5-904488-14-7

G. A. Belova, S. V. Ivanov
Preliminary report on the work of the CES RAS archaeological mission at Deir el-Banat (Fayoum). The 14th season (March 3 — April 24, 2019) — P. 1–30
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S. V. Ivanov
'Faces' of Deir el-Banat — P. 31–39
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E. Yu. Chepel
Obraz inostrantsa i inostrannogo v drevnegrecheskoi tragedii [The image of foreigners and foreignness in Greek tragedy] — P. 40–56
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V. I. Yarmolovich
An unusual storage jar with a face from Deir el-Banat (Fayoum oasis) — P. 57–63
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Yu. S. Reunov
Pomerantseva N. A. Fenomen kanona v iskusstve Drevnego Egipta. M.: BuksMArt, 2018 [A review of the monograph by N. A. Pomerantseva, The canon phenomenon in Ancient Egyptian art, Moscow, 2018] — P. 64–68
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