Egypt and Neighbouring Countries

"Egypt and Neighbouring Countries" is an online peer-reviewed quarterly academic journal founded in 2016 and since then published by the Centre for Egyptological Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CES RAS). The journal has open access policy.

The journal aims at presenting interdisciplinary research on the history, archaeology, languages, and culture of Ancient and Medieval Egypt, as well as of the countries of the Middle East and the Mediterranean in the context of their interaction with Egypt.

We welcome articles and shorter notes, including but not limited to: research articles, reports of expeditions and other fieldwork; publications of written sources and material objects; surveys of museum and private collections; papers concerned with the restoration of historical and cultural objects and the preservation of historical and cultural heritage; reviews of academic literature; obituaries; and reports of academic conferences, workshops, and other events.

The journal publishes annual reports of the scientific activities of CES RAS. It is targeted at researchers, students, as well as members of general public interested in the history of the Ancient World and the Middle Ages.

The journal is non-commercial, and all publications are accepted on non-commercial basis, free of charge. Full-text versions of the articles are available on the journal's website.

ISSN 2686-9276.