Issue 2, 2017

Roman A. Orekhov

The Menkaure triads reconsidered, or some critical notes on the F. D. Friedman’s theory

The author of the article criticizes the F. D. Friedman’s theory, which treats the famous king Menkaure’s triads as heb-sed artifacts. The American researcher has analyzed the triads using the method of comparative iconography, but she did not give a clear definition of what she means by such complex phenomenon as heb-sed. Since the holiday changed its nature over time, these representations can be understood in different ways, including as related to the coronation rite. This rite was used to confirm royal status of the ruler, but unlike the heb-sed it could be performed annually. The author of the article concludes that the triads were related to the New Year celebrations when the king met Hathor, the goddess of fertility, who had come from the south border of the country.

F. D. Friedman’s theory, heb-sed, coronation, the goddess Hathor, the Menkaure triads, New Year celebration.

Original language — Russian.

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