Issue 3, 2018

Vstupitel'noe slovo [Foreword]

R. A. Orekhov
S. A. Stadnikov i razmyshleniia nad ego perevodom 'Povesti Sinukheta' [S. A. Stadnikov and some considerations on his translation of the 'Story of Sinuhe']
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V. Sazonov
Sergei Alekseevich Stadnikov (1956–2015) — egiptolog, istorik, gid, perevodchik, publitsist i entsiklopedist [Sergei Alekseevich Stadnikov (1956–2015) — Egyptologist, historian, guide, translator, journalist and encyclopedist]
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S. A. Stadnikov
Povest' o Sinukhete [Story of Sinuhe]
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S. A. Stadnikov
Povest' o Sinukhete (faksimile) [Story of Sinuhe (facsimile)]
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E. Yu. Chepel
Russian collections of Greek papyri and history of their publication: an overview (with the catalogue of Greek papyri held at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow)
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V. I. Iarmolovich
C. A. Hope, Kom Rabia: the blue-painted pottery (Excavation memoir 116). London: Egypt Exploration Society, 2016
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