Issue 4, 2019

O. V. Orfinskaya

Novyi vzglyad na privychnye terminy (opisanie tkanei iz grobnitsy TT 23) [Reconsidering terms: description of textiles from TT 23]

In November 2019 the Centre of Egyptological Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CES RAS) conducted another season of archaeological research in Tjay’s tomb (TT 23). A procedure of describing textiles was developed a while ago and since then has proved its efficiency. While examining them interesting peculiarities of different parts of a woven piece were registered. Continuing a series devoted to textiles from TT 23, this paper is focused on clarifying terms connected with starting and finishing boarders of a woven piece, selvedges and various decorations. Some elements may provide a general, rather broad date of an item, while some are useless from this point of view.

Ancient Egypt, Valley of the Nobles, tomb, archaeology, textile, textile description, textile terms, starting boarder, finishing boarder, selvedge, marks.

Original language — Russian.

DOI: 10.24411/2686-9276-2019-00012.

Referring: Orfinskaya O. V. Reconsidering terms: description of textiles from TT 23 [in Russian] // Egypt and neighbouring countries 4 (2019): 32–54. DOI: 10.24411/2686-9276-2019-00012.

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