Issue 2, 2016

Victoria I. Iarmolovich

Functions of Egyptian diadems with bows in the Old Kingdom

This article is focused on study of diadems with bows dated to the Old Kingdom. The author makes several suggestions about functions of such ornaments. Representations of kings, their relatives and officials wearing the diadems with bows show that this type of jewellery was a part of costume as early as the 4th Dynasty. Kings and officials could also give such diadems as a reward to their workers. The diadem from the mastaba S 309/316 (Giza necropolis) was a part of funeral equipment. Presumably its function was related with demonstration of its owner’s status or achievements during his lifetime.

diadems, jewellery, the Old Kingdom, Giza, Saqqara, funerary equipment, imitations, scenes of 'giving gold'.

Original language — Russian.

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